CCTV Drain Camera Service in Melbourne

Have you been looking for a CCTV drain camera service for your residential or commercial property? Brigham Plumbing are the team to turn to for flawless CCTV drain inspections throughout Melbourne, utilising state-of-the-art equipment and applying our expertise to every job.

CCTV drain inspections are the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to identify drainage problems.

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What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

They don’t involve digging up your nature strip or driveway. Our hyper flexible CCTV cameras are used to asses pipes, drains and sewers to identify blockages, partial or complete collapses, structural issues, pipe scale, root intrusion, incorrect installation, leaks, and other service faults. You’ll be able to receive visual evidence of the condition of the pipes, junctions and bends, and knowledge of the exact location and depth of underground pipes. These blockages can then be cleared through the use of high-pressure waterjets, with minimal disruption, hassle or expense. 

Our CCTV inspections provide peace of mind to our customers, as you will be able to save the high-resolution images of the inspection to a USB drive or have it directly emailed to you for your own recordkeeping purposes. You can even watch us at work, live from your own personal device! This makes our CCTV drain inspections an ideal option for homebuyers wanting to have a full picture of the new home they are thinking of buying, preventing them from unknowingly investing in a financial sinkhole. 

Signs you need a CCTV drain inspection

Upon noticing any of these signs, give the Brigham Plumbing team a call for quick quote and appropriate solution. Leaving a blocked drain unattended can quickly worsen the problem, leading to an expensive and invasive repair job later down the track.

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If you suspect your property needs a CCTV drain camera service or any other plumbing solution, Brigham Plumbing are the only team you need to keep in mind. We eliminate the guesswork and nasty surprises often associated with plumbing jobs, instead providing tailored solutions at transparent prices.

Having been in business since 1981, we’ve got countless happy customers throughout Melbourne’s central and eastern areas.  Send us a message on our contact form, or call us at 0437 380 390 for immediate assistance. 

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